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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The four mathematical symbols and the personality types they describe.

The most basic mathematical symbols were not created by chance.

The Plus (+), Minus (-), Multiplication (x) and Division (/) signs are descriptive of both process and being (self).

Both the unconscious, instinctive mind and the conscious, self-aware mind are described by these symbols. These mental components of self will often act in opposition, while there is ongoing interaction taking place between the self and others occupying the same environmental dimensions. More on these later.

The Mathematical Types:

The Plus Personality- is self-confident, optimistic, a problem-solver and extroverted.

The Minus Personality - insecure, pessimistic, introverted.

The Multiplier Personality - highly motivated, attractive/charismatic, strong leadership qualities, empathic, unselfish.

The Division Personality- highly motivated, attractive/charismatic, strong leadership qualities, unsympathetic, selfish.

N.B. These are the symbolic "types" and rarely occur in the pure form because individual personalities are much more complex.

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